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Workers' Compensation Insurance

For companies located in the states of OH, WA, ND and WY workers compensation is provided through state mandated providers. For all other states, employers can decide which insurance company they want to purchase their coverage from.

The insurance landscape can be quite competitive. Many carriers have filed rates that may aggressively price coverage and safety services should not be assumed. At Alliant, our goal is to work with our exclusive carrier and those competitive carriers who have a strong appetite to afford coverage and service to all aspects of the automotive industry.

Reducing the Cost of Coverage

You can recap some cost savings by trying the following:

  • Check your policy to make sure the job classifications and payroll of your employees are listed correctly. Premiums are much higher for machinery operators than clerical workers.
  • Comparison shop. Review your choices every couple of years, or if your premiums increase.
  • Invest in workplace safety. You can avoid accidents, improve your claims history, and get a lower premiums.
  • You may save on medical treatment costs by using a managed care organization that works well with your workers' comp carrier.
  • Help return injured workers to productive employment even when they can't work their old jobs. A modified duty program can reduce losses that raise your experience modification factor ("ex-mod").
  • Review your insurer's handling of all open claims. Make sure your insurer is on your side.


  • Work exclusively with a carrier partners dedicated to the automotive industry.
  • Design and deploy safety programs designed to lower the risk of work related injuries.
  • Efficiently manage claims to ensure early return to work.
  • Be an employer advocate to ensure claims history has positive effect on Experience mod.
  • Provide dedicated HR Services that supports our member companies well being.


How Service makes a difference 

Although coverage is regulated, pricing and services vary. The SEIA team is committed to designing and implementing a loss control program that strengthens an organizations safety culture with measured results. 

The following are critical elements to consider when selecting a broker.

  1. Read your application that was submitted to the marketplace to determine what is being said about your company.
  2. Review your safety program design, implementation and results.
  3. Evaluate your experience modification worksheet for accuracy.
  4. Examine all open and closed claims to determine status and impact on your ex-mod factor.
  5. Obtain a rate classification analysis to determine which carriers have the most competitive filed rates.

Should any of the above tasks be of interest, please take full advantage of the free consultation offered by the SEIA team. The difference may be measured in dollars. 

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