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The SEMA–Alliant Partnership

As both a retail agency and managing underwriting facility, Alliant takes pride in serving the industries they partner with, in both a retail and wholesale perspective. Through Alliant Specialty Insurance Services, brokers can gain access to two specific products deisgned for the automotive aftermarket industry. 

History: Alliant has become the premier commercial and specialty insurance brokerage firm in the United States through strategic partnership alignments. Creating vertical alignment with industries throughout the United States, Alliant has formed partnerships to deliver on its commitment to success. In 1991, Alliant became the Insurance Broker to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). SEMA represents the interests of the $40 Billion dollar automotive aftermarket industry. With over 7,000 SEMA members in the U.S., SEMA reaches all aspects of the motorsports segments, Off-Road marketplace, Auto Restoration and Restyling and new car dealership sales.

With intimate knowledge of the insurance and risk management practices needed to support the automotive industry, the Alliant team started the Specialty Equipment Insurance Alliance (SEIA).  The SEIA program provides Property and Casualty products tailored specifically for automotive parts Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors and Suppliers in America. Underwritten through Allianz, a wholly owned division of Alliant, the SEIA program provides exclusive products to the specialty equipment and aftermarket parts trade and is available to select independent agent on a per approval basis via a co-broker agreement.

SEIA Progam Focus

The SEIA Program is designed to meet the needs of the automotive aftermarket industry with a primary focus on:

  • Parts Manufacturers
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Auto Part Retailers
  • Automotive Repair


  1. Completed Program Application
  2. 5 Years Loss History
  3. Per our underwriting guidelines, with no prior coverage in force the carrier requires a bio on ownership. Basically something outlining education, experience, etc...

SEIA Suite of Coverage's Include:

  • General Liability
  • Garage Liability
  • Garage Keepers
  • Business Auto
  • Property / Marine
  • Product Recall
  • Crime
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Excess Liability

How SEIA Builds Value and Revenue for its Co-Brokers:

By working exclusively through dedicated carrier partners, Alliant aggressively underwrites industry specific coverage by leveraging the buying power of the automotive parts industry. 


In the spirit of team work Alliant compensates brokers for the direct placement of accounts into all of the managed programs.

SEIA Team Goal:

  • Deliver a progam designed to support your sales goals and objectives
  • Provide marketing support to win new accounts for your agency
  • Deliver an advantaged product to set you apart from the competition

All Insured Submission should be sent to: 

To discuss a specific account or inquire about becoming an Alliant Co-broker, please contact one of the following.

Bob Corwin, First Vice President                          Franco L, Ganino, AAI, VP

RevPro Manager                                                     SEIA Director

(909) 474-8794                                                         (760) 304-SEIA                                    

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